When the design of this chassis is complete, full plans will be published. However, I started this design with a chassis bought on Fleabay. Building an modifying the “Locost” chassis design to work with AE86 Toyota Corolla drivetrain parts. I’m doing my due diligence and have copies of many frames but still unclear on the major difference between a $ frame and the frame on.

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And I found out that the instructions for the longitudinal position of the front suspension brackets is completely missing in the book, which must play havoc with the castor angles of the real thing – unbelievable! IIRC it is the only Caterham that has double wishbone suspension in the back and the only one with inboard shocks in the front.

The caterham is smaller and lighter and has evolved since the 60’s and generally has been strengthed over that time. Would you like to know when this website changes?

Thats probably the biggest part of your due dilligence Rear wheel drive Escorts are now hard to find due to their becoming a classic car in their own right, continued use in Rallying and increased interest from collectors.

Next were the skins, and I started with those at the bottom of the passenger compartment. Designing mid-engine cars using FWD drivetrains, http: Tue Jan 06, 3: In contrast to the Locost’s space frame inspired chassisthe Locust uses a ladder chassis and a body constructed from plywood skinned with aluminium. In chasiss projects Wikimedia Commons.

Locost chassis build

The De Dion tube setup was used in factory racers and some of the models offered by Caterham. Many different companies make and sell parts and complete kits for building the car. CA glue was used throughout, allowing for fast bonding. In Australiakit cars must pass structural testing for certification for road use. It didn’t have to fit in any collection of a locostt scale, so that was another excuse for this non-standard scale.


Tue Jan 06, It also used a live axle rear suspension. Complicated doesn’t even begin to describe the rear end: The increased width exists through the rear and the cockpit, while the front end is based on the book chassis and it uses a standard nosecone. This has led to a series of improvements to the Champion design, including increased reinforcement at the nose of the chassis and around the occupants. You still need to finish the transmission tunnel, add the supension brackets, transmission mounts, motor mounts, clean it, paint it, and put on the aluminium Tue Jan 06, 4: Due to the dwindling supply of Escorts, the Haynes Roadster is based on mechanicals from the Ford Sierra.

Running with very tight regulations and deliberately limiting costs, the Motor Club have ensured affordable and close competitive racing for the chasiss amateur.

First up I built a solid timber table with steel legs to provide the level surface required for the space-frame construction, which also gave me a chance to practice my cutting and welding skills before launching into the serious construction stuff.

Also the rear frame around the differential is a lot more complex.

However, the design has become so popular that several fabricators have begun producing the chassis in kit car form. Paying respect to Mr.

Most builders will tell you a full frame takes some time, Dave W.

lpcost Additionally, the car was designed using CAD softwareeliminating the measurement errors inherent to the original design. This small difference is compounded locosg the assembly process when working with computer software. In the real world however, the overall effect of this discrepancy is negligible given the accuracy of most shop tools or lack thereof. Mon Jan 05, I’m especially fascinated with three-dimensional truss structures for car chassis design, which so far I haven’t found a real example of.


The Caterham is one of the very few clubman frames that has a creditable FEA analysis performed on it, which resulted in a design that has three different size tubes and 5 different gages.

Scratchbuilt 1/10 scale Locost chassis

Another error involves the floor panel. This can also be accomplished at home with little effort. So take a look at the photo albums and follow my project as it grew into a home built, road registered sports car. I used an old tin that had thickened and needed thinning, and a fresh tin that was really thin. This page was last edited on 26 Octoberat I used Tamiya’s Ultra Thin glue to bond 0.

Unfortunately they have removed their realistically chaswis Locost chassis plans from sale due to the high cost of public liability and professional indemnity insurance. My own car reportedly achieves 22, The subject car differs most significantly from the original in that it has an independent rear suspension. I know that some later Caterhams have an aluminum honeycomb locoet.

Approximately 10 as of April cars have been completed and passed by their countries government for use on the road. Be sure to refer to the book for these structurally critical pieces. The chassis plans on this site are based on the original Locost design presented in Ron Champion’s book.

Notes regarding Unit of Measure: Even cleaning the airbrush was almost too long a delay! Build time so far was in the order of 12 hours. The Wankel engine-based Mazda RX-7 is also starting to become popular. Not an error but more an improvement: A Locost is a home-built car.