LHBP – BUDAPEST LISZT FERENC INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT plates LHBP INSTRUMENT APPROACH CHART – ICAO ILS OR LOC RWY 31R. Charts, abbreviated plain language text; English, Hungarian. 7, Charts .. See TWY segments on Chart ADLHBP PDC-1 and PDC In. LHBP — BUDAPEST LISZT FERENC INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT .. See TWY segments on Chart ADLHBP PDC-1 and PDC In.

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The aircraft crew is responsible for the proper execution of the given taxi instructions and for avoiding a collision with other traffic carts taxiways and at intersections, by visual reference.

vACCHUN – Virtual Area Control Center Hungary

These waypoints are available in the navigation database of the aircraft. ATS Units provided with information. Bank and Post Office. During the approach, pilots will be informed of:. When the aircraft has parked correctly, the OK sign is displayed. The noise certificate must be sent in advance by email or by fax to: Their services shall be ordered by aircraft operators. If the event occurs after take-off and the crew do not consider it necessary to interrupt their flight, then they should notify the TWR via radio, then fill in the BSRF at their destination airport and ohbp it to the following address:.

In case of direction In these months flocks of several thousand, relatively small birds will migrate through the airspace at varying altitudes.

The AOCC confirms the approval of the request to the applicant. HungaroControl Aerodrome Meteorological Unit. Airspace restrictions in force are broadcast by ATIS. The time periods specified in this section shall be interpreted as follows: Due to the limited airspace available, it is of importance that the approaches to chartd patterns and the holding procedures are carried out as precisely chqrts possible. En route clearance issuance and CTOT -related procedures 1.


Regarding capacity, for the best use of the equipment available at the airport, the conditions and manner of use of the runways and aprons, as well as airport buildings, shall be determined by the operator of the airport, the Budapest Airport Zrt. In case of multi-engine aircraft, separate clearance to start-up should be requested for each engine from the ground staff. Speed xharts apply at specified waypoints for track containment purposes.


In this case, the docking procedure has to be interrupted. When the flight is subject to the slot allocation procedure, all slot-related coordination is provided by Budapest Delivery including forwarding REA messages. The disconnected ground staff will give approval to commence taxiing. When the slot of the flight has expired aircraft is not ready for start up at 10 minutes lhp to CTOTATC will not issue start-up clearance and the operator or its representative shall request a new slot.

On the stands of the Terminal 1 apron, with the exception of stands 5 and 6 no exception of stands ; On the stands of the Terminal 2 apron, with no exception of chartw On the AA, AG, AL apron section, on the marked taxi lane, at the starting position marked at the apron exit point. Further taxiing to the designated stand is only allowed when cleared by Budapest Ground or Budapest Tower.

Clearance for crossing the active runway is issued by Budapest Tower on The start-up and push-back procedures from stand 45 are restricted. The functional testing of aircraft engines on the ground is subject to permission.

Executive control of traffic en route and in Budapest TMA is exercised by radar controllers. Only the towing of the aircraft is allowed between the stand and breakaway point. The landing lhhbp will be designated by the Budapest Tower on initial contact. Departing aircraft have to follow the procedures contained in the en route clearance given before take-off clearance.


The form can be obtained and filed at the ARO. At the engine test stand established for aircraft up to ICAO code C, without restriction in terms of power, time of day and the duration of the test; For helicopters at the helicopter tie-down position next to the engine test stand, without restriction in terms of cnarts, between – ; Chwrts the engine test stand is not suitable for the performance of the test for whatever reason, the B5 holding bay or taxiway A9 may also be designated as a power test area, between – – The size of flocks of birds living at or near Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport varies with seasons.

The vertical limits of the final approach area are from the ground up to 2 FT M AMSL and laterally bound by straight lines connecting the following coordinates:. Csepel bridge — The N end of Csepel island. For noise protection reasons, primarily RWY 31R and RWY 13R are lhbo be used by arriving traffic during the night, in compliance with the prevailing legal provisions.

Guide lines at Aprons. Deviations from this are only permitted as detailed in section 5. Noise Abatement Arrivals 3. When engine start-up or power-back procedure is complete, request taxi clearance from Budapest Ground and indicate receipt of clearance to the ground staff. Ground Handling Organisations Organisation s dealing with the ground handling of passengers, freight and mail, as well as providing apron service. Further taxiing is only allowed after the deactivation of the stopbar and in accordance with verbal clearance from ATC.

Aircraft operators intending to use Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport shall ,hbp that the Mode S transponders are able to operate when the aircraft is on the ground.