Strong Reactions SET UP to probe the 19 deaths at Bombay’s J J hospital last January, the Lentin Commission has been making history of sorts. For the Bombay. Justice Lentin Commission report indicts Maharashtra public health administration – Issue Date: Apr 30, Maharashtra government mocks Lentin report by reinstating doctors The commission headed by Justice Bakhtawar Lentin conducted one of.

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An eye-opener – Indiascope News – Issue Date: Apr 30,

Instituted under the Commissions of Inquiry Act, Justice Lentin had the freedom to define the scope of the inquiry narrowly And it is because he has chosen not to do so that so many interests are now seeking to scuttle or sabotage the inquiry and variously dilute its findings.

It was this talent that enabled officers like S.

As a cub reporter then working The Indian Express in Mumbai, I lrntin to cover the daily hearings of the Lentin Commission through its entire duration of one-and-a-half years. You are commenting using your WordPress. Skip to main content.

When questioned, FDA joint commissioner S. They may take some time to appear. The same Dr Chandrikapure is now dean of the famous Sassoon Hospital in Pune, after an inquiry conducted by the Department of Medical Education reportedly decided that depriving him of three increments was enough punishment for his role in the hospital deaths.

Notify me of new comments via email. Editorial – edit epw. This official handled all applications for licences and had the power to refuse or grant them. A comment, if suitable, may be selected for publication in the Letters pages of EPW.

Dolas, the FDA joint commissioner and sole licensing authority in the state to thwart every transfer order, supported as he was by a galaxy of politicians, thereby enabling an uninterrupted year posting in Mumbai. It recommended an Anti-Corruption Bureau investigation against him as also former health minister Baliram Hiray, who was similarly indicted. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here This report, made public in Marchafter much prevarication by the state government, is the first official document of its kind providing a rare and detailed insight into the state of our public health system.


Politicians stepped in to cancel every transfer made on Dolas since and overruled adverse reports made against him by successive FDA commissioners.

Justice Lentin Commission report indicts Maharashtra public health administration

Despite the work of the Lentin Commission and several other reports of official expert committees, nothing has changed. All is over bar the shouting. Kept deliberately obtuse and secretive, its reprot left to individual caprice, it facilitated racketeering and money making right down the line, at huge public cost. Lrntin have also stressed the uselessness of cough mixtures, tonics—major money spinners for the industry—which can be effectively and cheaply substituted by a balanced food diet.

View the discussion thread. Raykar was dismissed on some unrelated charges concerning his leave travel allowance, even though his inquiry officer had only recommended the withholding of increments. Comments – Hide EPW looks forward to your comments. Replrt shows that even these measures come to nought in the absence of strong political commitment to weed out corruption and disallow the shielding of politician cronies.

Raykar, an assistant rwport of the Food and Drug. About flamingofeather Independent Journalist based in Mumbai. Several consumer and medical bodies have asserted the need to start by weeding out drugs banned the world over, but continue to be manufactured and sold in India, in some cases even in defi- ance of the ban order of the Drug Controller of India, under the shield of court-granted stay orders.

LENTIN COMMISSION-Strong Reactions : | Economic and Political Weekly

The nexus of corruption and negligence in our healthcare system is intact but is rarely exposed in the absence of a vigilant media, strong public pressure, and government commitment. Get instant access to the complete EPW archives Subscribe now. These deaths may not have come to public notice but for the Maharashtra Times story on it, broken by journalist Jagan Phadnis. For the Bombay high court judge constituting the commission sees this as more than a limited investigation into hospital deaths, as he could well have.


Yet the Government has co,mission its findings and reinstated Dr R. August 21, The Justice Lentin Commission of Enquiry: Obviously, the Government didn’t agree. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

This entry lentinn posted in Uncategorized. It instead suggested that government hospitals directly purchase their quota from reputed manufactur- ers and conduct their own tests to ensure standard-quality drugs, amongst other measures. This and a multitude of such incidents uncovered by the commission revealed how the system of drug purchase and licensing was vulnerable to the pressures of vested interests.

Jigna on Building public institutions: Please note that comments are moderated as per our comments policy. It did commisaion, and for several years thereafter, the Justice Lentin Commission of Inquiry remained the focus of intense and unprecedented public and media interest.

Now share the story Too bad. It is here where the system has utterly failed, resulting in the kind lntin tragedy which struck the JJ Hospital. Jamadagni, also at Sassoon Hospital, and Dr S.