24 Items ItemName: Lego Road & Trail 4×4, ItemType: Set, ItemNo: , Buy and sell LEGO parts, *% complete with minifig and instructions, NO BOX. For all your manuals, instructions and user guides. and/or download the English PDF building instructions of your Lego set Town Road and trail 4×4. Download official LEGO┬« building instructions online for , Bricks Bricks Bricks, LEGO Classic and get building fast!.

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I too had this set as a child and bought another 2nd hand copy not too long ago. The torso on the other hand is present in 10 more sets.

You forgot to include the spanner in your lovely review, it can be seen if you take a closer look at jnstructions back of the vehicle on the box-art.

My kids love them too!

Conclusion This set is still in my all-time favorites when it comes to classic town vehicles. Never place the bricks in a washing machine or dishwasher. What is the best way to clean my Lego bricks? I’ve never seen this before, but now it’s a favourite.

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Standing out from the rest of the cars but not being extremely huge is a big advantage for me. I was lucky enough to have two copies of an almost identical set,as a kid. This is for the vehicle to lean a little forward for a more aggressive look. I only have about half the pieces to it, I need to BL some of the missing ones so I can reassemble it. This set insteuctions still in my all-time favorites when it comes to classic town vehicles. This minifig appears only in this set. On a scale 1.


Posted October 3, Although that the main body is a 4-wide pick-up truck, the whole structure measures almost 9! A small climb on the tires is needed in order to get in.

The minifig Although a little faded, -it is 21 years old after all- it still is a nice minifig. Posted February 2, Especially with those eight big wheels. Check the sets here!

REVIEW: Road & Trail 4 x 4 – LEGO Town – Eurobricks Forums

I own almost every little car from to about but this was one of the more special ones, I had endless fun with it in the late eighties. Both sets have stood the test of time, and are truly outstanding! The bed Not much space left for loading. Good old Legoland boxes. The height of the vehicle is exactly what it should be for a truck of this style.

A common thing for a set with this size back then. The shape, the size It’s definately a great classic add to the collection! Lego has a service where you can order separate bricks or contact them when a brick is missing from your set.

Manual – Lego set Town Road and trail 4×4

Somebody heard that there is a monster truck in the city and wanted to check: The only leego I would love to see is to have suspensions on the wheels. After I build a new Lego set I always have a few small pieces left. There weren’t many sets back then where you’d get 8 of those for as little money. I love classic 4 wides. If there is any any chance of purchasing it, don’t hesitate!

  ACIA 6850 PDF

That would have been an excellent addition! Please try our legoo function first. Shame I never got it, it would look soooo nice next to my Stunt ‘copter N’ Truck. There are four wheels in each side, connected together with a technic axle, making the total of 8 wheels.

The main body Nothing too fancy here. From what age is Lego suited to play with? Posted February instructiins, The Black BigFoot Here it is!

Instructions For LEGO 6675 Road and Trail 4 X 4

Click here for the Town sets. Electric parts can only be cleaned with dry cloth. Time for the show You can reach high speeds with your Porsche, you can carry heavy things with your Wind Turbine Instrjctions.

Even more lucky, I still have them today. You forgot to include the spanner in your lovely review. Couldn’t find the building instructions that you were looking for? Sign In Sign Up.