Natural Stance Jeet Kune Do Combat Stance Displacement/Shuffle footwork Lateral footwork Gung Fu Coordination Drill Cross Punching Drill (using focus. The Rebel Wing Chun Focus Mitt Drills video has got you covered. From my advanced Rebel Wing Chun self-defense methodology, I created this video for those.

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Jeet Kune Do Skills and Workouts

He believed in removing form from martial arts, and to use any techniques that worked, and this is the basis of his method, Jeet Kune Do. Even with that information we may need to see you in action in person or via video of some sort.

This is also where close quarter grappling movements such as chokes, strangles and neck-breaks occur! Also, JKD is a concept, not a system — this is the entire point. This is what makes this new hardback edition such a treat. On the contrary, I hope to free my followers from clinging to styles, patterns, or moulds. The main problem stems from the fact that there are so many different interpretations of this art being taught today, each claiming to be the right way! After all, a certificate is merely a piece of paper that can be easily destroyed at anytime.

Directness means that the attack should take the shortest route to the target without any preparatory, or telegraphic, set-up movements.

The three major guidelines of Jeet Kune Do are: To win, you have to be the best, and be able to fight against anything. There are 2 ways that JKD is taught: Bruce Lee also broadened his kicking arsenal by researching several methods of kicking.

Use of foreign terminology other than Chinese Except in the “concept” schools where terminology of arts other than Jeet Kune Do is used.

He drills up with his own unique way of kicking, which was very fast and direct! In other words, even the press releases are fraudulent! It has been said time after time that no two practitioners of Jeet Kune Do are exactly the same. It is intended to educate the martial artist as to what to look for when searching for a Jeet Kune Do instructor.


To maximize the use of the tools striking weaponsthree fighting ranges are emphasized in Jeet Kune Do. The footwork is light, quick and economical. It was during this time that he wrote several articles for martial arts magazines and was interviewed extensively through all means of media.

This is the primary range where simple and compound trapping movements occur. Kicks, punches, trapping and grappling movements can all be applied from medium range.

The kicking shield is used to develop accuracy and explosiveness in kicking techniques. Training with special equipment is also drils. No one can take that away! One of the best features of this new hardback version is that the photographs have been restored to such a great level of detail.

We may also customize your instructor test, and request video of the requirements being demonstrated. What is the definition of Jeet Kune Do? Just as Bruce Lee combined the best jld of many different systems to create his own, his methods and understanding of human anatomy and fighting can benefit all martial artists.

Much of the answer lies in the techniques and training methods of the instructor in question. JKD’s founder emphasized fitness over and over with jkdd students!

Jeet Kune Do Skills and Workouts – MotleyHealth®

Waste no time No high kicks — nkd styles teach high kicking. Simplicity means that you do what is necessary to accomplish the task in the most efficient means crills without any non-critical motions or actions.

Certification sounds rather limiting and linear…. We have found that students progress much faster drilla two or more are working for the same goal and helping each other. Is Jeet Kune Do a complete art Yes JKD is a well rounded martial art with three phases of learning if all original phases are included as we have done. In a true Jeet Kune Do class, there are ikd things that you will and will not see.


Close range begins where you can strike the opponent with headbutts, knees and elbows. Every offensive and defensive movement will have a certain type of energy and a certain angle of flow for this energy. My goal, and the main goal of my Hardcore Jeet Kune Do organization, is to see to it that Bruce Lee’s authentic teaching, training and fighting methods are preserved for future generations, and that his art continues to thrive and grow throughout the world.

This book covers all aspects of journey, from his martial arts workouts, his complimentary weight training, research, and his philosophy.

He calls what he teaches simply non-classical gung fu! You must have good footwork to close the gap without getting hit, to kjd with maximum speed deills power with your tools and to evade and counter a powerful attack from an opponent. However, Bruce Lee trained extensively in addition to his many martial arts classes.

A good defensive movement has several definite characteristics.

Another factor to be considered is their lineage. Thus, Jeet Kune Do, the way of the intercepting fist, was born! Striking from a position where the hand is at the hip or drawing the hand back for a strike Jeet Kune Do prepares the student to strike from wherever the hand may be, with no telegraphic or preparatory motion.

Why is the World Jeet Kune Do Federation training program so much more successful than all other combined Simply put, it works.

What is Hardcore Jeet Kune Do?

Don’t worry about whether the technique looked “pretty” or not! We are looking for those who wish to one day be instructors of this incredible martial art! What do the certificates look like You can see them on the store page.