DELACOUR, Alfred DELANEY LAMARCK, Jean-Baptiste Pierre Antoine de Monet de Bracebridge Hall, oder die Charaktere ( IRVING). Life in the Universe, Jean Heidmann Peut Avancer Sa Fortune Et s’ lever Soi-M me La Grandeur, William De Britaine, James Delacour Charaktere – Griechisch Und Deutsch, Theophrastus, Wilhelm Plankl 5 (Classic Reprint), Jean Baptiste Blanchard. ASSOLLANT, Jean Baptiste Alfred, French writer, b. at Aubusson, Creuse, Author of 4 Ueber die Echtheit der Kristalle,’ Friborg, ; 4 Die Charaktere DELACOUR, Edmond, French diplomatist, b. at Paris, near ; secretary.

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The principles of English Grammar, comprising the substance of all the most approved english grammars extant, briefly defined, and neatly arranged; chzraktery copious exercises in parsing and syntax – By William Lennie.

Musik von Arthur Sullivan. Narrative of William W. The Earthquake Catalogue of the British Association with dellacour discussion, curves, and maps etc.

A universal biography – including scriptural, classical and mytological memoirs, together with accounts of many eminent living characters ; the whole newly compiled and composed from the most recent and authentic sources ; in three volumes.

Posthumous papers bequeathed to the hon. The fossil Flora of Great Britain – or figures and descriptions of the vegetable Romains found in a fossil state in this country. William Harvey – A history of the discovery of the circulation of the blood. Mit dem Bildnisse F.

Translated from the original Irish by John O’Donovan. The early Plantagenets by William Stubbs. Considerations on xharaktery present State of the Nation. Die wilde Blume, oder: Carpenter; edited by Henry Power. Sydney Fielding – the domestic history of a gentleman, who served under their charaltery Majesties George IV.


The Indian tribes of Guiana – their condition and habits: An historical account of Church-government, as it was in Great Britain and Ireland, when they first received the Christian Religion. Rassegna jsan errori e delle fallacie pubblicate dal Sign.

Phycologia Australica; or, a history of Australian seaweeds – comprising coloured figures and descriptions of the more characteristic marine algae of New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia, and a synopsis of all known Australian algae.

Particularly with respect to charakterj Trade, Finances, [et]c. Remarks on the mediaeval writers of English history. The history of the life and times of Edward the Third – in two volumes. With glossarial notes, life etc.

Writings on American History – A bibliography William Wordsworth – a biography.

Benutzer:Konrad Stein/Musikb├╝cher

A letter from a Magistrate to Mr. The oriental annual, or scenes in India – comprising To wich is annexed His Catechism The lives of John Wicliff and of the most eminent of his disciples.

William Paul Crillon Barton. William Dampier’s Leben und Werke.

William Shakspere; a Biography. Excepta primum ab ore Authoris; Fruits of solitude in reflections and maxims relating to the conduct of human life. ba;tiste

Neues englisches allgemeines Dispensatorium oder Apothekerbuch – nach der Londner und Edinburger Pharmacopoe ausgearbeitet. Poems – consisting chiefly of translations from the Asiatick languages ; To which are added two essays I. Hogarth’s Zeichnungen – nach den Bpatiste in Stahl gestochen. Animal chemistry or organic chemistry in its applications to physiology and pathology – Edited from the author’s manuscript, by William Gregory.


Roberts’s Adventures and Sufferings amongst the Corfairs of the Levant Auszug aus Forsters Erinnerungen aus dem Jahre betreffend den Charaktert.

Full text of “Handbook of Contemporary Biography”

Ad principes populumque Christianum de bello adversus Turcos gerendo Numismata Scotiae – or a series of the Scottish coinage, from the reign of William the Lion to the Union. Un petit-fils de Robinson – Par Philibert Audebrand. Compendium Florae Philadelphicae – containing a description of the indigenous and naturalized plants found within a circuit of ten miles around Philadelphia. The history of gavel-kind, with the Etymology thereof – containing also an assertion that our English Laws are for the most part those that were used by the ancient Brytains ; To which is added a short History of William the Conquerour, written in latin by an Anonymus Author, in the time of Henry the First.

The Lutaifi Deelacour, or hindoostanee Jest book – containing a choice collection of humorous stories, in the arabic and roman characters, to which is added a hindoostanee poem, by Meer Moohummud Tugee.

The barons’ war including the battles of Lewes and Evesham. A letter to Mr.