Intralox Engineering Manual. Uploaded by andrew_ferrier Manual for design and selection of Intralox modular belt. Ideal for food grade type applications. Intralox. Modular Plastic Conveyor Belts. Belt Selection Guide. July . Design Engineers — Intralox has design the Intralox Engineering Manual. Conveyor Belting. Engineering Manual. WARRANTY. Intralox, Inc. warrants products of its own manufacture for a period of one year from date of shipment to the.

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They usually consist of frames that support rollers, wheels, or belts and may be motor powered or manual devices.

ThermoDrive® Technical Manual

A nub top belt that has an overall thickness of 6. However, minimum recommended roller diameters are achieved only by using Intralox designed rollers. Minimizing scraper deflection is more important than minimizing face width. Flights in Cold Use are only available in 0. In order to ensure that the flights do not impact these limiters, the lateral movement of the belt should be sufficiently contained with 0.

A term used to describe a class of conveyor belt drive systems in which drive power is consistently imparted to the conveyor belt from the drive device strictly through the mechanical engagement and interaction of the significant meshing features of the belt and drive device. We are the leading service provider and supplier in the field of mining equipment and solutions. Flanged Return Roller Dataa Nom. Scraper Scraper Recommendations for ThermoDrive When scraping ThermoDrive belting, it is important to design and mount your scraper in the proper position to maximize performance as both a scraper and a position limiter.

Tulane University – Jimmy O. Gundlach

Metric keyways are for flat, inlaid keys with round ends DIN A. The width of the scraper should be the width of the belt BW minus one inch, centered to leave a half inch indent on both sides of the scraper. Please obtain more information on spare parts, servicing, inntralox, Repair, repair or accessories directly from the registered companies. To better understand the benefits of these new configurations, the typical retrofit options will be addressed first. Consult with the Intralox Technical Support Group for conveyor design and belt specification assistance prior to ordering.


This is the best angle to minimize product accumulation and still provide good beam deflection. Use of Thermodrive XT belting for long term contact at ambient temperature is permissible.

Intralox Activated Roller Belt™ (ARB) Technology – Dorner Conveyors

Use UHMW Containment Guides for lateral belt containment see page 8 for specific guidelines Carryway should transition from trough to flat for a distance of 1. School of Science and Engineering.

Multiple Belts — One Drive Systems When multiple lanes of product are needed, driving multiple belts or conveyors from a single drive is an energy efficient option. Other objects, such as rollers and scrapers have proven successful as position limiters.

Intralox, the largest division of Laitram LLC, is the inventor and manufacturer of modular plastic conveyor belts. No measuring engnieering cutting is required.

Minimum flight indent is 1. Generally, as the operating temperature increases, the belt will weaken in strength, but become tougher and more impact resistant.

Included are Series shown and Series roller top belts that offer low back-pressure accumulation capabilities along with reduced maintenance. These dimensions vary depending on the ThermoDrive belting series and sprocket size, and are defined below Table 4.

The use of slots when mounting will accommodate changes in dimensions due to thermal expansion. Contact Technical Support for spea b cific application recommendations. Further, if the conveyor design requires ThermoDrive belting to be delivered open-ended, an ingralox window of no less than 24 in mm can be included to accommodate a ThermoDrive splicer.

This arrangement is also good for heavily loaded applications.

This reduction in belt wrap eliminates the need for the robust load-bearing rollers of the conventional configuration and allows the designer to configure a more compact drive system. Contact Intralox Technical Support Group for recommendations C -Conventional – 2 in 51 mmmaximum – 6 in mm specific to your application.


Using a full width sprocket or drum motor is ideal for both performance and sanitation. He graduated from St.

Therefore, conveyors should be designed to incorporate a suitable location within the returnway where the temporary length change of the ThermoDrive belt can be accommodated. Sizes Metric Sizes Round in. Gundlach was born on July 23,in New Orleans, Louisiana. Belt Length Fluctuation One of the principal functions of the returnway is to properly accommodate the increase or decrease in the length of the belt while operating.

The center distance between drive bars of an assembled belt. Sprockets available in Blue Acetal. Self-set or split heavy-duty retainer type rings are recommended in these cases. When containment blocks are used, spacing should fall into the range of ft 1. Typical Components Technical Information and Application The recommendations engneering in this document have proven successful for most installations; however, extreme or unique conveyor designs should be reviewed by an Intralox representative.

One position limiter at the natural infeed and another at ontralox discharge location on the sprocket, approximately located at the 6: Never return on scooped or degree flights. Pitch Pitch Hub Dia. Intralox New Orleans, LA presents a line of conveyor belt solutions for packaging applications.

Intralox was founded in June If the conveyor is unidirectional, one position limiter must be placed over the last engaged drive bar, just before it leaves the sprocket in its direction of travel, bypassing the existing load-bearing roller. Can be used on both and Available Bore Sizes U.