Green Illusions: The Dirty Secrets of Clean Energy and the Future of Environmentalism (ISBN ), by Ozzie Zehner, was published in by. Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data. Zehner, Ozzie. Green illusions: the dirty secrets of clean energy and the future of environmentalism / Ozzie. Green Illusions. The Dirty Secrets of Clean Energy and the Future of Environmentalism. Ozzie Zehner. Our Sustainable Future Series. pages 12 illustrations.

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View all 5 comments. A desire for data without bounds. Read this great book and find out… Whether or not these and other characterizations are entirely fair in their particulars is an open question. The pricing of goods and services must be recalibrated to reflect their negative effects on the environment in their production.

I don’t see who shouldn’t read this. The second half of the book covers the social engineering that would help to alleviate our over-consumption of energy. Not Zehndr Reviews blakerosser Nov 09, Patrick Johnson rated it it was amazing.

I did not know Deb personally but had corresponded with her when writing Green Illusions. He does offer clear specific and ethical examples of how to do these things Let me summarize this book for you and save you a great deal of time.

Speaking of which, I was way off on my suspicion that Zehner hreen be some sort of conservative or tea party shill; he’s really so far illuxions that he is post-environmentalist in a good way. Sep 10, Annea rated it it was amazing Shelves: This has given me insight into how easily we humans are fooled into believing what we want. So, energy production would shift to those technologies and leave us with different problems.


You’ll always get noticed, talked about, published, interviewed, etc. It doesn’t mean we don’t give a damn, but most over here in Nova Scotia are relying on coal and shipbuilding, and out west it’s oil. These projections are deemed eyebrow-raising and in an era of political gridlock and bitter ullusions over climate change, the political barriers also need to be considered as formidable.

One classic example is good, old firewood. High profile efforts by Elon Musk on his Tesla Gigafactory in Nevada and a MW battery array in South Australia have raised hopes of lithium ion batteries as the solution to balance fluctuating wind and solar energy on the grid.

In my mind, there is a presumption that we have a choice between alternative energy and fossil fuels. Stories such as these are all too familiar to Deb Hubsmith, director of the Safe Routes to School SRTS National Partnershipwhich institutes programs across the country to make walking and biking to school safer and more practical for students and educators.

Yet, eventually, after a rather odd section on how a lack of women’s rights is a big reason why we use so much energy, only some of which relates to what I, at least, think of as women’s rights issues, the author goes into a series of chapters on using less energy and why it would work well, especially since it works elsewhere in the world so well. Five big data trends forecasted for ErpinnewsDecember 17, geren The imminent dangers of climate change is one.


Ozzie Zehner’s ‘Green Illusions’ Ruffles Feathers

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. In other words, correcting energy consumption should be our focus, rather than increasing energy production.

I found this book to be an interesting, academic grern critical evaluation of the current state of environmentalism. What about our own experience in California? Jan 04, Brendan Holly rated it really liked it Recommended to Brendan by: And, how did electric cars come to be revered as a symbol of progressive green identity?

Put another way, renewable energy only makes sense if undertaken in concert with other, more fundamental changes in the way we deploy and make use of energy in our everyday lives. Accidents can happen due to operating errors, like in Chernobyl, or natural disasters, like the tsunami that caused the Fukushima catastrophe.

Ozzie Zehner’s ‘Green Illusions’ Ruffles Feathers | HuffPost

The hope, of course, is that electric-car technology and power grids will improve and become cleaner over time. Nov 10, Sonali Daneil rated it it was amazing. We return to where we started — with high demand and so-called insufficient supply.