Ensayo sobre la ceguera (Spanish Edition) [Jose Saramago] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Saramago, un escritor que se ha convertido . Saramago, un escritor que se ha convertido en la conciencia lúcida de una época cegada por los mecanismos del poder, lanza una llamada. Title: Tesis sobre Ensayo sobre la ceguera, de José Saramago, Author: Staffcom Oaxaca, Name: Tesis sobre Ensayo sobre la ceguera, de José Saramago.

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Ensayo sobre la ceguera

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Let me repeat, with an interesting physiological ailment that could have been drilled down into human anatomy and physiology, there was no science whatsoever. She never felt like an actual waramago, and she’s the only character that gets enough space to actually become one. And then he did the worst thing possible.

It is understood that this sort of “trade” will be required any time they want to eat. I couldn’t stomach this anymore.

Well, apparently, then Jose Saramago can really plunge into his auto-erotic fixation of having all women be potential rape victims and have all men be potential violent beasts! And no, this is not a good way to highlight how the people have become animals because even animals do not do this. But for most readers, the book will come across as the attempt at Great Literature and Commentary on Humanity that it wants to be.

What a bunch of bullshit. Soon aaramago, though, Saramago leaped to the end of his work and discovered he had something ingeniu This is not a great novel.

Look at him will you? Lists with This Book. View all 11 comments. He’s got a city where blindness is suddenly contracted and quickly spread indiscriminately. Because one simple adjective for something simply will not do. There’s a few overwrought insta This is a book about dystopia.


Ensayo sobre la ceguera by José Saramago (1 star ratings)

But like Cormac McCarthy before him, Saramago enjoys apocalyptic sadism far too much to worry about redemptive details. I’ve also never been so upset with my compulsion to finish a book I’ve started. Apparently all it takes to win a Nobel Prize is not using punctuation and hammering home your metaphors with all the subtly of a rusty crowbar to the face.

For me, what would have elevated this book from being a bland parable of the human propensity for survival to an interesting sci-fi novel would be the gradual evolution of a congenitally blind government [organisation being a form of ‘seeing’] instead of complete ly dull anarchy.

After days and days of having to hide her ability to see, she opens up her big mouth and notes her surroundings to her husband. I would have liked to have seen one woman’s descent from civility to savageness through her own eyes, via her own thought processes and eye-witness accounts of the things she was experiencing around her.

Ensayo sobre la ceguera / Blindness by Jose Saramago | : Books

Amazing, give the book a prize! The kid with the squint’s mother is totally absent, as if a mother, who cared enough to take him to eye appointments, would just simply abandon him. King decreed if the others wanted food, they had to pay him and his boys.

A blind sociopath with a gun. I can say without doubt that I would never, ever ask a woman I loved to allow herself to be gang raped so that I could eat, even if I were starving. There’s lots and lots of Shit. Saramago probably wanted to show the confusion that would reign for anyone involved in a situation like this and on this level the prose saraamago work and is probably the ‘genius’ found by the Swedish Academy Laureate Committee.

Ensayo sobre la ceguera / Blindness

The redeeming features for me are The df establishes his Literary yes, this is a Capital Letter kind of book credentials by refusing to give any of saamago characters names, and then pointing that fact out over and over with comments about how names no longer matter, etc.


Perhaps this is a book better read with a buddy or in a group. Doc’s Wife led her husband and her new “family” — The ensayp with dark glasses, the boy with squint, the man with eyepatch to her old flat. Some patients who were in the doc’s waiting room also went blind.

The women resignedly agree to the terms with little discussion, as well as their men. It isn’t this one, Let me have a look, I’ll help you. This is a book about dystopia. Orgies are voluntary and to be enjoyed by all participants; there is nothing voluntary about being gang raped so you don’t starve to death. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. It was like reading a left and right justified textbook. The writing could’ve been much more interesting if it were saramao at least a little bit from an audio perspective, like in Bird Box which was great in that aspect.

What a great start from which to explore the reaches of sociology, discover the bounds of anthropology, and develop a gripping amount of science. With the except of the Doctor’s Wife, who’s the main character, none seems much more than a shadow of a person, an ceguerra archetype.

In the end, the story feels empty. The man who helpe him get to his house — then later stole the blind man’s car — he too was struck blind.