ENDO Balancers – Features and Benefits. 3. Specification Data Sheet. 4. Balancer Summary Chart. 5. Spring Balancer Safety Features. 6. Application Guidelines. ERP Series Spring Balancers. Standard features include: Endo Spring Balancers. Page 2. CHAINS Spring Balancers. Capacity Min. (kg). Capacity Max. Features: Strong, lightweight aluminium body. Easy maintenance with interchangeable kit parts. Tapered drum for exact torque retraction across the full stroke.

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Advantages Reduces fatigue and improves work efficiency. The cable is affixed with the “Plug-Type” cable set. Longer Stroke – Like the EK-N series, these balancers can be fitted with a grounding wire to dissipate static electricity. Tension adjustment balwncer performed easily with a wrench. The EKN Series is used where electrostatic discharge can damage electronics or other sensitive assemblies, but where a “clean room” balancer is not needed.

Lead Time Call for availability.

The tapered drums, quality springs, and ball bearings provide smooth cable travel throughout the stroke. Flexible operation is possible as stable balance can be achieved at any height. Battery Powered Hand Truck Lift.

Torque Reel This reel supports a long stroke of up to 4m. All ENDO balancers have an exclusive 18 month warranty! Product in photo is for representation only. Bridgeton, MO PH: Exact model or options may differ.


Lead Time Call for availability. The air is supplied through the outer hose to the tool, the inner hose provides the controller with the feed-back signal. Buffed and barrel-polished casing and halancer Synthetic food-grade grease H1 grade on the spring Stainless steel lower hook, plug, rivet, bolts, and screws Zinc plated upper hook and pins Rope Types: Air Balancer is recommended for loading and unloading.

Try to utilize the upper range of the balancer capacity range. ERP Series Cable diameter: Tension adjustment is easy and precise. Used in conjunction with heavier tools and welding machines. They are the ultimate solution when particulates from the balancr exterior balancer finish might contaminate food or sensitive assemblies. This balancer provides both the suspension of tools and air supply, allowing effortless control of its vertical position.

Holds fixtures, tools, welding guns, and similar equipment Improves efficiency and diminishes worker fatigue Stabilizes tool positioning and contributes to work accuracy Contributes to a safer working environment Keeps fixtures, tools, and welding guns off of the floor and clean.

The ELF models offer both the automatic brake and the manual drum safety lock.

Endo Spring Balancers

Be the first to review this item. The grounding wire safely dissipates any static electricity charge generated by the friction of the cable while the balancer ballancer in use.

No reviews at this time. This type is equipped with the fall-arrest feature.


White Nylon, 3 mm diameter. Air Tool Reel This version utilizes the highest air flow rate and support for a stroke of up to 2m. EK Series Tool Balancers provide true “zero gravity” tool holding with no drifting or strain. Entire Site Products Only.

Endo EW/EWS/EWF Spring Balancer, Rs /piece, Endo Kogyo India Private Limited | ID:

Facilitates accurate operations since the tool position is stabilized. The distance the severed cable will travel before the centrifugal brake engages is 3. The Air Tool Reel provides an air hose and ratchet mechanism that allows a tool to stay suspended. If the suspension cable is cut, a centrifugal brake engages and the drum locks.

ENDO Spring Balancers

Battery Powered Hand Truck Lift. All high capacity ETP tool balancers include the fall arrest device auto-brake. The ENDO spring balancer and tool balancer line includes many useful accessories as well.

It also has a gauge for adjustment with respect to the suspended mass.

Endo EW/EWS/EWF Spring Balancer

Possible business week lead time based on factory stock. Air Tool Spring Balancers provide a safer and more organized workplace by eliminating the need for an air supply hose and a separate cable balancer. This series is for suspending heavy objects.