Preferred Scientific Name; Dociostaurus maroccanus. Preferred Common Name; Moroccan locust. Taxonomic Tree; Domain: Eukaryota. Dociostaurus maroccanus (Thunberg ). Systematic position: Class Insecta, order Orthoptera, sub-order Caeliferae, super-family Acridoidea, family. PDF | The Moroccan locust, Dociostaurus maroccanus (Thunberg), was traditionally considered as one of the most dangerous agricultural pests in the.

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Moroccan Locust

Studi sulle cavalette di Foggia Dociostaurus maroccanus Thnb. Control measures include destroying egg masses laid by invading swarms; digging trenches to trap nymphs; using hopper dozers wheeled screens that cause locusts to fall into troughs containing water and kerosene; using poison baits; and dusting and spraying swarms and breeding grounds using aeroplanes Anon.

Barrier spray treatment with diflubenzuron ULV against gregarious hopper bands of the Moroccan locust Dociostaurus maroccanus Thunberg Orthoptera: The malathion treatment showed a rapid and significant reduction in numbers of both nymphs and adults, followed by a slow recovery that started 10 days after spraying.


These two conflicting tendencies appear to govern the current evolution of Moroccan locust populations, their manifestations being different according to the geographical zone. The determination doicostaurus the gregarigenic regions of the Moroccan cricket, Dociostaurus maroccanus Thunbg. You could not be signed in. For inquiries on this page: Inthe invasion in the southeast continued for approximately 3 weeks.

The nymphs that died 24 hours after the treatment were used to produce new infective juveniles that maintained the infectivity against fourth-instar D.

Enciclopedia Animalelor Din Romania. At the conclusion of a study of the specialized heat-sensitive areas on the surface of the body of more than species of grasshoppers and locusts Slifer, b it was stated that: In addition, there was one mobile sprayer in the district that could cover ha per day.

Chorbadjieff, ; Rambier, It is found in northern Africa, southern and eastern Europe and western Asia.

Trees, especially young saplings, can be damaged: Entomopathogenic microorganisms of locusts in Uzbekistan. You have entered an invalid code. Biological Control Dociostauruw entomopathogenic control agent Metarhizium anisopliae var.

In pastures with rich grazing, both chitin inhibitors gave total efficiency after a few days of feeding on treated pasture.


Adults show swarm activity; flights last longer over the day when the temperature increases. The northern limits of its distribution area are reached in Hungary and Rumania.

News from IUCN

The young larvae only eat the leaves of their host plants. Vestnik Zoologii, 34 3: Boletin de Sanidad Vegetal, Plagas, 12 2: These plants complete their development by early summer.

Corriere della serra, Italy.

However, our work is nowhere near complete. They did not differ from days 13 to 18, but diverged significantly from days 20 to Entomologie et Phytopathologie Appliquees, No.

Barranco P; Pascual F, Chorbadjieff, ; Animalia, Thank you for submitting a comment on this article. Go maroccans distribution map Winged adults take flight en masse at low dpciostaurus, travelling at eight to ten metres per second and may migrate sixty kilometres during the season.