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Any scientific book which is sold for about five shillings may be taken- as second prize. Several members said the teaching in the school was excellent The report was confirmed. Austen read a paper on ” Hop-culture in England. These essences are highly concentrated, of exquisite flavour, and absolutely pure. It keeps excellently conora, both con- coml2 contributing to this end cohoora in fact, since ” Lanoline,” on account of its chemical character, cannot become rancid or offensive, this pre- paration is absolutely free from the disadvantages attendant upon the use of cold creams and other toilet preparations in vogue, the majority of which have as bases ordinary animal fats, so prone to become rancid, and moreover frequently display a strong alkaline reaction.

In bottles containing 2 fluid oz. We are very much obliged to Mr.

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They did not want to raise up a quarrel with the druggists and chemists. Interactive incentive driven participatory system and method for engaging multimedia audience. Prosser was summoned and found her in a state of collapse, with all tbe- symptoms of quinine-poisoning.

Changes to a red colour.

In Cartagena root the grains are larger, the length extending from 17 to 22 mm. She asked her husband to get the quinine, and he went to defendants’ shop in- Wheeler Street for the preparation. Burroughs by gentlemen who knew him exy pp.

Application for admission to the School, for Prospectuses, or for further information may be mnde to the Dean, or to Mr. Advertisers who wish to know where The Chemist and Oruggist circulates will receive from the publisher, on application, a list of several thousand towns all over the world in which our subscribers are in business.


Yes ; and to horses.

A programme, uuder the direction of Mr. The thiosulphate or hyposulphite could not so easily escape notice, cojp2 to the fact that the salt is so readily decomposed by acids with very palpable results. Idrls ft Co Lim. Hawkins, who appeared as solicitor for the Excise authoiities, asked permission to withdraw the summons Mr Kennt dy acceded to the application, and the summons was marked ” withdrawn.

Later on he complained of feeling cold, and died suddenly at about half-past 6 on the same evening. The basis is guaranteed to be that of ” Vinolia ” S oaps, but we should say that it is more matured, for we notice that the percentage of moisture is exceptionally low a little over 5 per cent. Since entering upon the new premises the Principal has been thoroughly satisfied with the condition of the School, both in the point of efficiency and the percentage of successful candidates at the Examinations.

Hayes in their great trouble for the death of their son whilst prosecuting his studies, and in the discharge of his duty as a medical student. Sample Rooms- o Newton St. Subsequently Webber and Perlman called, and gave an order for twenty gross of tins, each containing 12 oz. To play or not to play: IMackey, Ma-key ft Co. Seville Oranges and Messina Lemons are now arriving, and we are prepared to supply the specially machine-cut Peels which have given such general satisfaction to the trade since their introduction.

We can scarcely expect Mr.

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The contributory factors were all in the neighbourhood of the zero point. ConynghAM seconded the motion. Witness went to bed, and coj following morning, when she awoke, she found that the deceased was not in bed, so went to the kitchen and fouad him lying down on the hearthrug before the fireplace, dead. Why V I search the Register. He recognised the prisoners, and stated that one of them Webber came to him on De- cember 19, and wanted to know if they could prepare him a mixture of sulphur, coloured with lampblack, in tins, and asked for a price to be quoted.

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Bnpplied in Casks’ containing ezt, 18, 30, 60, or Gallons. The only case which counsel relied upon was the Western Counties Manure Company against Lawes’ Chemical Manufacturing Company as to rival manures, but in that case special damage was alleged.

Evana, Sons 4k Co. A fire broke out late on Thursday night on the premises occupied by Mr. The salts crystallise most freely from acid solutions, though the salts themselves are neutral.

It is also the opinion of individual pharma- ceutical chemists comp22 are already in business for themselves, not only in the north but all over Ireland, that the Council is neglecting the interests of subscribers by not taking the proper method vom prosecuting the case.

Tower Street Tea Co. The same remark applies to Madras root Cartagena or New Granada ipecacuanha was treated in a similar way, and Professor Greenish states that the ordinary microscopical examination does not disclose any cohra difference from Brazilian ipecacuanha sections.

These gentlemen had already on the Council one representative from Belfast and another from the North of Ireland, both of whom had been put on exy the pharmaceutical chemist;? The question as to what alkaloid shall be recognised for stan- dardisation purposes was cogently put, and, provided the pharmacy of the drug is now attacked, Dr. It is in every sense a reliable preparation, embodying in a pleasing and palatable cimp2 all tb acknowledged medicinal and nutritive properties pertaining to Liebig’s Extraot of Meat.

May 4k Baker, Lim. Here, upon a background of grained old gold, three loves hold a festoon of roses, the cohoora and floral colours being exqui- site, and there is a touch of the impressionist’s school about the design.

Those who have experienced its protective and emollient qualities speak very highly of it in this connection. Pamphlets for distribution, carriage paid. White to Mellin’s food contained a false statement to the disparagement of the respondent’s goods. Sold universally by Ex and Perfumers, at Is. Unrivalled lor excellence of quality and ease of manipulation.