Step 1. Error setting up player: Invalid license key FOUNDATION ONE ADD TO CART$ . Coach Sommer GymnasticBodies. Yes, I Want 25% Off!. Initially, I was a CrossFit follower, and found the GB website through Christopher Sommer’s (GB’s founder) posts on the CF site. This was when. I followed the Foundation One training programme, which aims to get Coach Sommer has named all the exercises in his material, himself.

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Once you master those elements, straddle ups should be a piece of cake. Log in or sign up in seconds. Straddle Donkey Kick — 5 reps each side. It all depends on the person and their training history, recovery rate etc.

8 weeks of Gymnastic Bodies Foundation One | My Results – harrycloudfootharrycloudfoot

However at a certain point you will have to diverge so strongly in order to address your needs that at point you are doing your own programming. Part of me agrees that you should be able to complete each exercise as required, before moving on to the next progression the GB philosophy.

I might be in the minority but I like the S videos. Ditto, especially when it’s a mobility element or a strength element that depends on mobility like straddle ups. Did you finish H1? Finally breaking through sommer I’ve been stuck on for way too long. Hope that helps and thanks for getting in touch. That was my original motive after hearing a podcast with Coach On and discovering what his basic requirements of strength were; I was so surprised at what he was asking, I thought it was time to test my ability and see where my weaknesses lay.

I love the integrated mobility with my strength training. I appreciate the emphasis on safety that GB takes sometimes, but it would be a year or two before I ever even attempted a handstand if those were the prerequisites. The Mastery Templates come in when you cannot quite reach the requirements.


Hi Harry, Thanks for your report, I think it is helping many out there. But definitely agree on the lack of cues before that. Assuming untrained adults will master a movement like this after a such a relatively short period of time seems unrealistic to me. LOL Thanks for your input! Still a work in progress, I believe a handstand is one of those things that you keep perfecting over time. Doing them EVERY week is helping, while it might be suboptimal to a more self aware and nuanced approach that you might get from using Kit’s material I just don’t have the time and energy to figure it all out, I do however use Kit’s techniques while following the S videos.


Although as a diagnostic, seems to have worked on teasing out a series of peoples’ weaknesses.

Or it is too demanding for the population it is addressed to. Conclusion There are several common complaints with the GB system that I have not mentioned, including the glacial pace of some of the progressions, the confusing placement of certain exercises in the programs more difficult exercises being placed before easier ones, especially at the beginning of some of the progressionsand the convoluted nature of some of the progressions.

The wrist exercise it prescribes are very good, and I have seen great success in using them. My goal with this review was to keep the discussion focused on the material and progressions presented in the GB system, as I feel like this forum offers a unique opportunity to expose some of the flaws in the material but also to affirm the strengths in the program, as well.

If you can do planche and manna after 8 weeks of this course then I suggest you enroll yourself into Olympics. Where did Coach state this?

Certainly, it is easier and more efficient to implement short cycles with weights than with body weight, but there might be some wisdom in there. Yet you are still doing F1 which is really miles away from the final goals. Inside Foundation — Trainingsnomaden. From there, add in ONE hypertrophy or powerlifting day. For instance many people spend years on the shoulder extension, so much longer than the OP. Would it be great for everyone to have perfect ankle and hip mobility before they ever put a bar on their back?


Someone who is moderately proficient at handstands would probably be frustrated by the slow progress of the program. Here are a couple of the templates which show you how to reach a required hold of 60 seconds or 15 repetitions, respectively. Any tips for the Hollow Body? One of the best parts of the Foundation One programme was this idea of Mastery and Mastery Templates.

The next progression from this hold is the same position, but a rock. So as far as I know, there are 4 courses in total. The forum is filled with discussions about the first few exercises, but you don’t really see any successful role models that have completed the progressions.

However as I said, the caveat to all this, is that nobody who reaches this level is doing Foundation as written alone and most people who reach this level didn’t start out as a desk bound adult who barely could do pushups and then did Foundation for two years and became awesome.

It’s complete, concise and systematic. It’s really good and it broke a “balancing” plateau for me.

Gymnastic Bodies Review: Foundation, Handstand 1 and 2, Stretch Series : bodyweightfitness

Kind of like many people on this forum say that you eventually learn how to program bodyweight workouts yourself. You said that you’ve started inthat is about 5 years ago. Long way to go…. Recently I’ve been adding in a little more movement and floreio stuff because the GB routine is just so intensely boring despite it being effective. Hi Johnny, Thanks for your comment. Most trainees should plan on working in sets of either 3×3 or 3×5; with all of these being work sets.

I came across your site while researching gymnastics bodies.