Capryloyl glycine | C10H19NO3 | CID – structure, chemical names, physical and chemical properties, classification, patents, literature, biological activities. capryloylglycine. caprylyl glycine. caprylylglycine. glycine, N-(1-oxooctyl)-. lipacide C 8G. 2-, octanamidoacetic acid. 2-(, octanoyl amino) acetic acid. 31 Products CAPRYLOYL GLYCINE ingredient for cosmetics formulations – find latest products launched and their applications in relevant industry news and.

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The formaldehyde released by these substances is capable of reacting with several cosmetic ingredients via its very reactive aldehydic carbonyl functionality.

Capryloyl Glycine |

White crystalline powder 2. We’re sorry, but the industry you have selected is not currently available in your chosen language. CN CNA en This is the sole instance from the prior art that suggests use synergistic combination of undecylenoyl derivatives with other ingredients for the purpose of preservation. However, in most cases one can see quaternary compounds or halogenated molecules form the important constituents of the antimicrobial blends where parabens and formaldehyde donors have been omitted.

Thus, faced with a consumer rebellion against certain categories of preservatives, much of the current effort by the industry has been directed in discovering synergy between mixtures of existing preservatives and in finding personal care ingredients that may have a coincidental antimicrobial activity John Woodruff, Soap Perfumery and Cosmetics, September, A method for preserving personal care product from microbial attack is provided containing an aqueous phase comprising three component composition from about 0.


It allows one to achieve not only the broad spectrum of activity against the variety of microbes but high level of antimicrobial efficacy is achieved despite reducing the concentration of individual antimicrobial. It is to be noted that these preservatives are free from parabens and free from formaldehyde releasers but they are halogenated molecules.

Capryloyl Glycine

Cool to room temperature and add phase C, stir until uniform. This website provides cparyloyl to other websites owned by third parties. Wholesale cosmetic raw material Capryloyl Glycine.

It helps in improving the sensory properties of the cosmetic formulations. Yet another object of present invention is to provide an economic and cost effective preservation system. These are designed to be economical and offer broad spectrum of activity and are easy to incorporate and their antimicrobial efficacy has been established by MICs, Time Kill Study and challenge tests performed on the various personal care formulations by introducing fresh inoculums of microbes.

EP EPA2 en Alcohol ethers are colorless, non-volatile liquids that have very good solvent properties. Usually is Shanghai,Qingdao or Tianjin.

Consumers want products meant glycinne topical applications to be free from toxic antimicrobials that are used as preservatives. A personal care formulation for topical application comprising the antimicrobial preservative composition as claimed in any of claims 1 to 7.

High purity Capryloyl glycin cas: Fast shipment by reputed shipping line 5.

It helps carry the active ingredient and reduce wrinkles. Most topical cosmetics and dermatological products, in the form of creams, lotions, gels, shampoos, body washes, face capryliyl contain significant amount of water in them that provides a very hospitable environment for the microbial growth.


High quality Capryloyl glycin powder cas The examples of nonphenolic halogenated compounds are 2-bromo- 2-nitro-l, 3 propane diol, and chloroisothiazolinone. High Quality Capryloyl glycin in stock fast delivery.

Quantitative dapryloyl services for biomarker discovery and validation.

Formaldehyde is classified as Category 3 CMR carcinogenic, mutagenic and reproductive toxicity. Compositions of pyrithione metal salts and undecylenic acid alkylolamide derivatives. At the end of 6 hrs the reaction mass was cooled and pH was adjusted to 4 using hydrochloric acid and continued for additional 1 hr.

In order to get rid of formaldehyde donors and halogenated molecules International Specialty Products, USA, came up with ‘Octiphen’ which is a combination of phenoxy ethanol and caprylyl glycol.

A method for preserving personal care product from microbial attack containing an aqueous phase comprising three component composition of claim 1 from about 0.

Thus the ‘maximum synergy’ is obtained with certain range of individual components for glyciine ‘optimum antimicrobial broad spectrum effect’ It was also observed from the experiments conducted that further lowering percentage of ‘liquid alcohol ethers’, the component [C], and the consequent increase in the components [A] and [B] does not necessarily improve performance significantly.

Similarly Sharon MX is a blend of sorbic acid, benzyl alcohol, benzoic acid and dehydroacetic acid.