For Sprint® Torque Specifications, see Page 6. Sprint®. S (). Sprint®. S (). Sprint®. S (). Sprint®. S S Camozzi 6mm x 1/8in BSP Swivel Male Stud Elbow is made from nickel plated brass with a nitrile rubber seal. This Camozzi fitting has a tube OD of 6mm . S Camozzi 10mm x 1/4in BSP Swivel Male Stud Elbow is made from nickel plated brass with a nitrile rubber seal. This Camozzi fitting has a tube OD of.

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Series PG digital pressure gauges. Series rapid push-in fittings for plastic tubes. Lubricators Series MX – dimensions. CGPS gripper, size 32 mm – dimensions. Series K directly operated solenoid valves.

Camozzi Pro-Fit S /4 Pneumatic Elbow, 12 mm x 1/4″, Tube x Male BSSP Buy from Cross

Series M pressure microregulators. Unidirectional flow controllers Series SCU. Series 97 stainless steel cylinders. Cylinders Series 31 – Tandem version.


Series PM adjustable-diaphragm pressure switches. Sender and receiver sensor Series 2L – M5 ports. Series P directly operated solenoid valves. Short-stroke cylinder Series QPR. Flange for axial connection Mod. Series 2 mechanically operated minivalves. Electro-pneumatically actuated valve, monostable – size Electropneumatic valve, bistable with outlets on sub-base – size Suction pad VTCF to – female thread.

Front and rear flange Mod. Series MC soft start valves. PM Protection class IP Series AP proportional valves – size 22mm. Series MX soft start valves.

Camozzi S6520 10-1/2 Male Stud Swivel Elbow

Foot operated pedal Electrical and pneumatic – Series 3 Pneumatic – Series 2. Series MD filter-regulators – dimensions. Fixing bracket for regulators. Series 1, 3, 4 and VMS manually operated valves.

Cylinders Series 42 – through-rod. Rapid clamp kit with wall fixing brackets – size 3. Single body for Series K8 solenoid valve. Series T pressure microregulator. Series CSN proximity switches. Piston Rod Lock Nut Mod. Unidirectional flow controllers Series SVU. Tube cutter tool Mod.


Series CSD magnetic proximity switches with male connector M8. Series ST Stopper cylinders. Series 24 and 25 minicylinders with rod lock Mod.

Short finger gripper Mod. Series NA valves and solenoid valves. Series AP proportional valves – size 22mm, with lower flanges.

Series N filters and coalescing filters. Series 30 rotary cylinders – cushioned. Series CGA angular grippers.

Series 63 cylinders – Aluminium tube and profile. Suction pad VTCF to – male thread.

Intermediate joining cartridge Mod. Tables for the use of sensors. Valve with maximum adjustable pressure Mod.

Short-stroke cylinders Series QP.

Series 63 cylinders – profile, through rod. Cylinders Series 61 with rod lock. Counter bracket for centre trunnion Mod. Front female trunnion Mod. Series PDV directly operated solenoid valves with separating diaphragm. Series quick-release couplings.