Breve História de Quase Tudo (Em Portuguese do Brasil) [Bill Bryson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Ao constatar que ignorava o . Title: Breve História de Quase Tudo – Bill Bryson, Author: Sidney Miranda, Name: Breve História de Quase Tudo – Bill Bryson, Length: pages, Page: Title: Breve História de Quase Tudo – Bryson, Bill, Author: echizen, Name: Breve História de Quase Tudo – Bryson, Bill, Length: pages, Page:

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Bill Bryson has also written several highly praised books on the English language, including Mother Tongue and Made in America. Tutto qui, non serve altro.

And that, frankly, is most of the book since he do This is sort of a general overview of different scientific fields that at times seems to talk about everything other than actual science.

For the next half- century it would be the drug of choice for young people. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. To begin with, for you to be here now trillions of drifting atoms had somehow to assemble in an intricate and curiously obliging manner to create you. A Short History of Nearly Everything” is the record of this quest, and it is a sometimes profound, sometimes funny, and always supremely clear and entertaining adventure in the realms of human knowledge, as only Bill Bryson can render it.

A Short History of Nearly Everything

When you sit in a chair, you are not actually sitting there, but levitating above it at the height of a hundredth millions of a centimeter. However, by the last pages or so I was more than ready for the book to be finished. Quas is so densely packed with valuable insight, and sound bites of discovery that you could not possibly absorb it blll with one pass.

In his book, he accomplishes an important thing, one of the most important things – he presents the data while at the same time never letting go of the terribly exciting feeling of discoveryand historix information about the discoverers themselves. The similarity in color seemed to have been a factor in his conviction that this was possible. This is, of course, nonsense. A Short History of Nearly Everything. If you are prone to worry about, say, the end of the world.


Bill Bryson is the only exception though because he’s an exceptionally gifted writer who just happens to share my sense of humor–that the end is nigh and that maybe is not necessarily d a terrible thing.

We are the only creature that can harm at a distance. Bill Bryson has also written several highly praised books on the English language, including Mother Tongue and Made in America. Great fun and much improved with pictures! This book surprised me in brhson amount of effort the author took to go through book after book of different sciences, both old and new, and proceeded to connect the dots into several cohesive stories about our home, planet Earth, and its residents.

What’s the most fascinating tidbit of information you learned from this book? He has a knack of telling you not histroia about major developments in the history of the universe, but also I know virtually nothing about science, so it was with some trepidation that I began reading this introduction to life, the universe and everything, which deals with questions such as “How did the universe originate?

Getting here wasn’t easy, I know. He says that all living creatures contain hox genes; he omits Alexander Friedmann and George Gamow from his description of how the Big Bang theory was developed; qjase talking about Darwin and Paley, he doesn’t seem to be aware that Natural Theology was one of Darwin’s favorite books and had a huge influence on him. Picked this up on audiobook when I was on tour and listened to it in my car.

Everything from the Big Gill to man’s relatively terse evolutionary past is presented here, with a nod to some of the more eminent and intriguing figures from each field. nistoria


For a fun microhistory, I’d recommend At Home: No, it can’t be trimmed down any further: In The Lost ContinentBill Bryson’s hilarious first travel book, he chronicled a trip in his mother’s Chevy around small town America. Thus was born Goodreads.

Bryson does this throughout bree novel and combined with his narration and satire, it’s all so entertaining! About half the chemical functions that take place in a banana are fundamentally the same as the ve functions that take place in you.

Did I break Goodreads?

Breve História de Quase Tudo by Bill Bryson (4 star ratings)

Closing Thoughts The content in ASHONE is something I think everyone should know and be exposed to, and it’s hard to imagine the material presented with greater alacrity than it is here. The same calculation could now be completed using a computer in a single day.

I’m a huge fan of Bill Bryson and have moved on to his Applacian Trail book. This led him to devise an elaborate system of strings and pulleys to help others lift him from bed. For the next many years we hope these tiny particles will uncomplainingly engage in all the billions of deft, co-operative efforts necessary to keep you intact and let you experience this supremely agreeable but generally under-appreciated state known as existence.

Protons give an atom its identity, electrons its personality.

Bryson often over-simplifies concepts to the point where his version is a bit misleading, even if it’s a lot easier to digest than the full version of the story. This is a great big-picture book.