Joseph Bodin DE BOISMORTIER () Six Concertos for five Flutes Suite for transverse flute in b minor, op. 35,5* [] Concerto for 5 transverse flutes. Boismortier: 6 Concertos for Five Flutes, Op. By Joseph Bodin de Boismortier. • 18 songs. Play on Spotify. 1. Concerto for 5 Flutes in E Minor, Op. Concertos for Five Flutes. Concerto in D Major, Op. 15, #3; Concerto in G Major, Op. 15, #1; Concerto in A minor, Op. 15, #2; Concerto in A Major, Op. 15, #5.

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Sonata conferto D Minor for 2 Violoncelli op. He died in Roissy-en-Brie. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Views Read Edit View history. Much of his music is for the flute, for which he also wrote an instruction method now lost. But although his works aimed to please listeners, Boismortier was a knowledgeable composer: There is freshness and openness throughout.

Dorian Sono Luminus, [] Description Music recording — 1 online resource 1 sound file. And in any case in Op. Review Concetro Title Flutea on Facebook. Bodin de Boismortier 2: English 1 French 1.

Although known as a composer, Bodin de Boismortier was also famed during his lifetime for his excessively inattentive and wandering mind that often kept him from conducting his own works. Meister Music, [] Description Music recording — 1 online resource. A notable piece of Boismortier’s that is still often performed is the Deuxieme serenade ou simphonie.


SearchWorks Catalog Stanford Libraries. Boismortier may have written over opus numbers, but only one of them was devoted to this unusual instrumental combination, and we may speculate that whatever it was that inspired him to such innovation even if it was mainly commercial concetto was also enough to prevent him from falling victim to the facility for which he was, and stilt is, so often criticized.

Joseph Bodin de Boismortier: 3 Concertos for 5 Flutes, Op15 Nos

View Normal Gallery Brief. Sometimes the ‘massed’ flutes sound like strings; sometimes they dip their heads in Vivaldi’s direction in the finale of the G Major [tr. Distributed by MVD Music, p Just as well, for this could be cloying repertoire. Boismortier married Marie Valette, the daughter of a rich goldsmith and a relative of his teacher Montigny. Music recording 18 Music score 6. While not lacking depth, it may be that the sound produced presumably by overlaying five tracks produces some less than rich harmonics.

Bodin de Boismortier – Concerto No. 2 for 5 flutes in A minor, Opus 15 – III. Allegro (Flute 5)

Boismortier concertos for five flutes [electronic resource]. These performances accentuate the latter at every turn. Generally a very pleasing set of musical lines. Previous Next 1 2.

Classical Net Review – Boismortier – Concerts for Five Flutes

But they add to our engagement, rather than distract us. Its tone is rich and clear, if a little metallic in places. It’s good to have them available in any form; although two other recordings are current: Whether as something of a rarity or as a nice introduction to this corner of the very French world, this is a CD worth looking at — for a pleasing array of inventive and uncluttered indulgences in the flute.


Please login Please enter your access information on the righthand side, or sign up as a new member: Hofmeister [c] Description Music score — score 36 p.

Currently 3 or fewer in stock. Vinyl disc 3 CD 1.

These concerti, his opus 15, are amongst his most important, impressive, lively and original works. BWV ; Jesu, meine Freude: The substance is never lacking.

It was also to be his first exercise in writing works in three movements – fast, slow, fast. Kudo Shigenori Flute Ensemble.

By today’s standard they were very short, little more than a good melodic idea, but they do demonstrate a knowledge of how to skilfully use five instruments of the same kind to produce such varying tonal colours.