A cold case turns red-hot when a death-row inmate renews his acquaintance with Dr. Kay Scarpetta in this “utterly chilling” (Entertainment Weekly) #1 New York. Blow Fly has ratings and reviews. James said: Book Review 3 out of 5 stars to Blow Fly, the 12th book in the Kay Scarpetta thriller a. The Baton Rouge detective regretted leaving the blowfly on Kay Scarpetta’s desk. A silly thing to do, but it took up a few pages and provided a.

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To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Then the architect of her changed fortunes contacts her from blowflg cell on death row: In this book, Cornwell shifts from writing in first person to third person, omniscient narrator – and it is not an improvement. Some events are even narrated from the viewpoint of the murderers.

The digested read: Blow Fly by Patricia Cornwell | From the Guardian | The Guardian

Dec 24, Judith Shadford rated it did not like it. Frustrating, because I think Cornwell is capable of slightly better writing. It wasn’t because I thought the book was badly written. He manages to escape from prison while on death row seriously?!

Blow Fly by Patricia Cornwell

My problem was that and I will attempt to write this as to not include any spoilers for those readers bblowfly have not yet discovered this series one of the more prominent and, in my opinion, one of the best and well-liked characters had been killed off.

Only to her will he tell the secrets he knows the authorities desire: Marino trudges through downtown Boston.


I will reserve judgment on the use of the narrative until I see how Cornwell develops in in future novels, or if this was a one-off. His would be an intriguing re-appearance.

What’s with Cornwell and dogs anyway? Everyone is the best at what they do, everyone has technology from NASA, fast cars and political contacts. All fair enough I suppose but to lead the reader through these corridors of fantasy to end the story in about five pages as though running out of time on an exam essay cheats us.

Fox bought the rights to Kay Cirnwell. May 08, Mollysusie rated it it was ok. Blow Fly is the third and final in a trilogy of books bblowfly the series that focuses on recurring and linked, bizarre serial killers and the disintegrating personal and professional lives of the main characters.

But, unknown to Scarpetta, there are other forces behind the wolfman’s apparent actions, invisibly shepherding her and those closest to her towards eliminating those who threaten them all.

Jul 08, J.

I have much to read in this series and look forward to the reading I have ahead of me. To view it, click here.

Blow Fly by Patricia Cornwell | : Books

I’m sick to death of Wolfman Chandonne too. Postmortem would go on to win the Edgar, Creasey, Anthony, Patricia Cornwell sold her first novel, Postmortem, in while working as a computer analyst at dornwell Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Richmond, Virginia. I guess there’s hope for the Scarpetta series, but I’ve forgotten why I ever liked her.

Twelve books later, Dr.

If it were better written, that would be fine. Then, as so often happens in Cornwell’s later books, the whole story is wrapped up in a matter of a few pages with a couple of utterly implausible or deus ex machina like plot developments. Her friends and family by her side, Scarpetta must unravel a twisting conspiracy with an international reach and confront theshock of her life – a blow that will force her to question the loyalty and trust cornell all she holds dear.


I liked the change bloqfly perspective because I felt as though Scarpetta was getting a little stale and needed a change.

Cornwell felt the wrap up was way too quick and short. From his cell on death row, he demands an audience with the legendary Dr. Her history of blackouts, and her violent outbursts while under their spell, offer more questions than clues about the cause of her death.

A cold case turns red-hot when a death-row inmate renews his acquaintance with Dr. Cornwell also leans too heavily on the serial killer crutch.

Scarpetta Collection Volume II: Despite this look forward to reading the next in the series. There could be some interesting new character spin-offs, however, with regard to the Chandonne grandson, who is now parentless and grandmotherless. The bad guys are really bad and, of course, there is one that keeps returning.

I mean it wasn’t great up until then, but it was really like she couldn’t be arsed anymore and thought “Screw it, five more pages is all I can be bothered with. I found some problems with it, but I wasn’t as concerned as several other readers were. This one will soon go to the overprinted bin, along with Isle of Dogs, where it belongs.