Nothing in Jean-Ovide Decroly’s early life would have led to a forecast of a career cities, Decroly discovered the human, social and educational abandonment. Ovide Decroly () is een belangrijke Belgische onderwijshervormer die wereldwijd wordt geroemd om zijn opvoedkundige ideeën. Ovide Decroly. LC. Laia Cunill. Updated 27 March Transcript. OVIDE DECROLY. BIOGRAFIA. CENTRES D’INTERÈS. ANTECEDENTS. – Rousseau.

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Decroly ” by P.

Ovide Decroly

Developing in parallel, these three sciences had different languages, methods and points of view. The school still functions and remains an example for all those currently occupied with scholastic and pedagogical problems. Exercises on continuous and discontinuous quantities which can be estimated as numbers can be connected to the comparison of objects biografua give rise to the conventional number system and arithmetic.

In the human species, the form of society and the social conscience vary according to the types of human beings. They do not constitute any oide theory and continue to be original, flexible and fruitful. According to Decroly the fundamental purpose of education is to learn how to live successfully.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. He did not feel superior to the point of denying reality. In the Decroly school, the class becomes the social environment which the children create in the spiritual plane which is their own. Next the subject was conceived in terms of problems explained by metaphysical abstraction examples, Plato’s “Ideas”, Hegel’s “Absolute Idea”, stars moved in circles because circles were the most perfect figure.

In view of the psychobiological need for the child to adapt eventually to the adult social environment, it is necessary to obtain information regarding the modes of learning specific to each developmental stage and chronological age. As a biologist and psychologist, Decroly understood perfectly this imperative social need and the repercussions for education and pedagogy.

Not only does each child have a unique genetic legacy and a unique preschool home environment, but goes though many changes during his development. The guiding principles of the Decroly school in Brussels are based on the recognition and respect for intrinsic human needs and ‘metaneeds’. Coordination and social life are most developed amongst the higher mammals.


Based on biological and psychological principles, it was referred to as ‘psychopedagogy’. Members of the group work in collaboration towards the common goal which is the welfare of the individuals in the group. In l9l0 it was transferred to a rural setting in Buografia, Brussels where it continues to function today. Decroly’s reasoning for his method of teaching was the following: Decroly demonstrated the importance of the affective, emotional environment as children grow up and learn.

His interest was encouraged by his family and especially his father who spent a lot of time with his children, working bografia the outdoors and at biogrzfia same time demanding obedience and respect. Starting with the study of the ‘abnormal’ child, they combined techniques of their precursors with their own oide.

Documentation in the way of objects for young children and pictures and texts for older children are collected by the children themselves, discussed and classified according to the prevailing themes of the center of interest. Labor, l Kerkhove, Walter. Auguste Compte associated with the beginnings of the “positivist” movement, born in Montpelier in l The future of a people depends on the organization and the influence of the school ” C’est de l’organization et de l’influence de l’ecole que depend l’avenir d’un peuple.

The method requires individual freedom of expression within a context of collective freedom.

Ovide Decrolythe school is for education for life. According to Decroly’s ideal for education, as the personality grows, the social conscience grows with it biohrafia a way that the society is enriched and consolidated in the common respect for human dignity. He focused on the convergence, their interrelationships and their relationships to education biogarfia biology, sociology and psycholgy.

The “Decroly plan” lays ground rules for social adaptation of a biological organism, in the concrete case, children.

It is therefore erroneous to reproach Decroly for not having elaborated a definite and coherent pedagogical theory. Decroly method as logical innovation The presentation and analysis of the Decroly method “depend on careful organization of ideas and unimpassioned arguments. For the same type of human being, they vary according to the history and type of civilization.


Spencer Ethics Spencer admits that in our present culture many cases of ‘perverted pleasure of pain experience occur, and he explains this phenomenon by the contradictions and imperfections of society.

September 10, Ukkel. At first,the subject was conceived in terms of problems explained by the will of some deity “Will of God” and this was the theological perception.

Initiation Generale aux Idees Decroyeenes. For their own physical and spiritual development, they formulate moral codes which are manifested as group ethics.

The child naturally develops in harmony with the social environment, with the society, its functions, its laws and its capacities for individual freedom of action and thought.

Amongst the higher mammals, the best organized societies are the human societies. Thus Decroly’s program for schools, based on instinctive passion decrily knowledge and learning, was centered logically around the motivating interest of the child.

Jean Ovide Decroly by Letícia Asbahr on Prezi

In a setting with materials appropriate to the needs of their age, children are motivated by their latent interests to engage in meaningful learning activities. From this principle which modifies the classical concept of psychology, Decroly derived his famous method of “globalization” which is one of the characteristic features of his system. Trained as a medical doctor, Decroly remained a biologist, applying his medical training throughout his career in the study of child development and pedagogy.

It should be possible to design an educational program around the instinctive needs of ‘subjective biology’, the ‘metaneeds’ as well as the basic physiological and psychological needs. The educational principles of Decroly are based on the concept of the biological interrelationship between organism and environment. For the child in any democratic society, the aim of education is effective learning, which implies both the acquisiton of knowledege and the ability to think. The Decroly method as a logical innovation because it is reasonable