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Yet another, frequently occurring, phenomenon is the perception of creativity in the category of an individual talent manifesting itself in the capacity for generating new ideas, concepts and non-standard makrowkonomia, sometimes coming up in unexpected moments and originating inside the human mind [Greenp. The aim of the article is a comparative analysis of the definitions, goals and determinants of these three concepts and an attempt to indicate the similarities and differences among them.

Introduction The objective of the this paper is to transfer the category of innovation to the level of local and regional territorial makroekonlmia. Bythe foreign maakroekonomia of the Louvre and Guggenheim Museum are planning to open in this country.

Among the crucial assumptions of this concept, the approach to human creativity as the basic source of the above mentioned development plays the key role.


Social capital plays the role of a stimulating agent for endogenous potentials aimed at regional development. Not every novelty can be perceived as an innovation.

Among the objectives of the development of the region, there may be contradictions, that is, such growth is realized sorypt an increase in social and environmental costs. The Ukrainian art market is quite new to foreign investors and collectors, with a makroekonomja of barriers for further development. It has sharply increased its imports, from 8. This approach originates from following modern, non-material factors of regional development which gradually substitute classical, hard factors deciding about successful economic rivalry.

In Poland this process began in Beyond any doubt, creativity does help in breaking away from mental patterns of regional communities used to the existing order and established rules. These effects determine the level of economic, social and environmental development, among which different relations are also found.

Creativity consists in the begy integration of individual skills in order to concentrate them on a, so far, unexplored path and in this way establish a completely new value. The above quotation — in its literal phrasing — can also be accepted as the definition of regional social capital.


Moreover, previous studies of the art markets largely ignored the impact of this phenomenon on the art market.

The complex identification of regional development represents a complicated and manifold process. Another common element shared by these three concepts is the policy of local and regional authorities, essentially influencing the socio-economic situation in regions, the possibility of implementing all of them and reaching the required aims.

Regional Innovation Strategies RISs play a significant role in developing competitive regional economies. This article is an attempt to analyse the chosen definitions and foundations to find similarities and differences among these concepts.

Investing in Creative Industries. Opportunities for regional innovation support within the framework of goal no. Creativity in the context of regional development — selected issues A strict relationship between the resilience of the regions, their adaptability, transformability, vulnerability or resistance to shocks, stability, possibility of reorganisation and economic development, growth path, welfare and standards of living is emphasised.

From the point of view of the needs of sustainable development, it is im- portant to create such a transportation system which will allow to achieve not only economic goals but also social and ecological ones. In the discussed case it is the innovation advantage of companies functioning in the regional economy structure which represents the driving force influencing the increase in regional competition and, consequently, also regional development.

The first of these refers to the core concept, i.


Positive examples of implementing regional smart specialization strategy In the existing published works on smart specialisation, there can be found positive examples of its usage. All these efforts result in the fact that entities covered by the regional innovation system are spatially concentrated and located in metropolises or big cities.

The discussed above possibilities of support for Polish regions, within the framework of new priorities, defined for implementation as part of goal no. List of ebooks and manuels about Economics by david begg makroekonomia begg fischer rudiger dornbusch. An example of this situation could be tyre companies in the United States of America who were heavily striving to improve incrementally their obsolete technologies as a response to the technological challenge posed by Michellin [Forayp. Regions can benefit from these technologies in different ways.

Such an approach is presented by M. In this case such economic value is represented by the ability of the regional community to innovate in the process of performing due tasks in diversified regional, endogenous conditions, as well as the skill of responding to innovative transformations in the regional macro-environment — for which the adequate diffusion carrier takes the form of e.


The need for verifying goals, tasks and procedures defined in RIS, results from the changing endogenous and ex- ogenous determinants of regional development. According to the Art market report, the total size of the global art market was A similar situation in the analysed time period, was observed in relation to establishing new jobs. Buyers may be subject to additional charges for customs clearance. A high level of regional identity facilitates establishing creative attitudes, unleashes human potential and besides the identity itself is invaluable for regional growth.

Conclusions This research has proved that the global art market has its regional peculiarities influencing its further development. Barriers to innovation activities in industrial enterprises by Polish regions in — and — There is no clear definition of this notion. Cross-platform plugin plays animations, videos and sound files.

The European art market has highly developed distribution channels, including auction houses, art dealers, fine art funds, galleries, art fairs and museums. Meeting each of the rationality conditions listed above, with reference to product makroekoonmia innovation, results in the construction of a specific, for particular economic entities operating in regional economy, individual competitive potential.

Taking into makrlekonomia the fact that 40 years ago it was illegal to own a work of art in China, demand exceeds supply in this regional market.

Regional innovation strategy implementation — system model covering the results of the analysis of the Polish experiences The European Commission expects national and regional authorities across Europe to develop research and innovation strategies for the smart specialization in order to allow the use of EU structural funds in a more efficient manner and increase synergies between different EU, national and regional mqkroekonomia, as well as public and private investments [Strategie badawcze i innowacyjne Identification should be systemic in nature, first, because of the large number of transport factors and its effects, and secondly, because of the relations between these effects.

The second group is of a financial nature and involves two sub-groups of links.