DownloadAutosketch 9 handbuch pdf. PDF write Will Windows RT Autosketch 9 handbuch pdf. Direct Link #1. Page 2. In SAS IML 9. You can also create your. released that December use information in a BIM workflow Photometric Stereo This approach is more sophisticated than autosketch 9 handbuch download set. View and Download AUTODESK AUTOSKETCH 8 user manual online. the Grid Chapter 7 Printing & Plotting Chapter 8 Controlling Views Chapter 9 Entering.

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Page markers continued New command File menu scaling about basepoint new drawing files types of using custom settings marquee using default settings clearing New Window command Window menu creating custom views using normal lock modifier printing current region autoskegch entities using selection objects stretching entities inside of NOTE X-axis, Y-axis, and Orthogonal lock modifiers reference grid lines—as the grid is rotated so too are the reference lines for the lock modifiers.

Matching Entity Properties Matching Entity Properties AutoSketch allows you to match the properties of an entity to a selection set or to the property bar. The dimension label moves to the new location and the dimension is aligned to match.

Entities that meet the criteria of either qualifier are selected. AutoSketch indicates the margins onscreen with a shaded band around the page. Changing Diameter Dimensions With The Mouse Changing Diameter Dimensions With the Mouse You can reshape a diameter dimension after it is drawn by double-clicking on it and dragging the appropriate vertex to new locations. You can specify whether the status bar is hidden or displayed by right- clicking any bar, and clicking Status on the pop-up menu.

The new entity still looks like a circle, but because it has the properties of a polygon, you can now fill it with a solid color.

AutoSketch 9 Download

Page 69 Customizing the Grid Grids help you create precise drawings. As you move the pointer over the drawing, an X-shaped AutoPoint Indicator identifies the nearest intersection point. To align the selection handles to World Coordinates 1 Create a selection set.

Drawing Regular Polygons A regular polygon has segments of equal length. Page 3D Effects AutoSketch allows you to simulate three-dimensional In this chapter Using extrusion tools drawings using a few simple tools. There are two different pointers in vertex editing mode. A series of connected lines with common endpoints may look like a polyline, but they are actually multiple entities. Specify the array pattern. For exam- ple, if a line has one endpoint in the marquee and one out, the point outside the marquee stays in place while AutoSketch moves the point in the marquee.


Printing, Plotting, and Publishing After you have created your drawing with AutoSketch, In this chapter Understanding page tiling you can create hardcopy output using the printing and Selecting an output device plotting functions. Setting Pen Properties AutoSketch allows you to determine how entities are displayed according to their pen and pattern properties.

You can open a polygon in vertex editing mode by clicking the Open button on the edit bar. The segment is highlighted. Page Creating Dimensions Often, drawing entities to scale is not enough to convey In this chapter Linear dimensions precise measurements.

These controls allow you to edit any portion of the properties for the selected entities. Using Preset Views AutoSketch provides several common views. To load a color palette 1 On the Tools menu, click Graphic Options. Using the arrow keys to move the selection set one unit of the grid snap or line interval for each keystroke.


Lines Lines are one of the most basic types of entities you can In this chapter Drawing single lines draw with AutoSketch. However, guidelines behave like the reference autosketdh they are saved as part of the drawing, they are not actual drawing entities and only provide a drawing reference. Rotating An Entity 3 optional Open another hqndbuch and click inside its window to make that drawing window active if you want to copy the entities to another drawing.

Page A symbol library is a file that contains symbol definitions. It is developed for use by anyone who Installing AutoSketch needs fast, accurate drawings and wants the power and Registering AutoSketch To scale entities about their basepoints 1 Select the entity or entities to scale.

Page pen A property assigned to a entity that defines its color, style, and width. Most of the time, printing in AutoSketch is a simple, single command proce- dure. Creating a Polygon from the Intersection of Two Polygons On the Edit menu, click Trim, Intersection to create a new polygon from the intersection of two polygons in your drawing.


Diameter Dimensions 2 Click the handle and drag it to the new location. The Selection Modifier uses selection statements to select entities. Before you can generate a report, you must enter data. AutoSketch provides many options for looking at your drawing onscreen. You can select entities using a variety of techniques.

To set the current symbol from an open drawing Select a symbol in the current drawing. A series of lines with common endpoints may look like a polyline, but they are actu- ally multiple line entities. In the case of the Text Rectangle com- mand, a third point specifies the extent of the text box.

You can draw an ellipse by specifying any of the following: Page break length In dimensioning, the length of the gap that separates an extension line from its dimension point.

The extent view displays all entities in the drawing. You can customize individual palettes, load and save entire palettes, and control the presentation in which colors are displayed in each palette—including the palette displayed on the Color page of the Content Librarian.

There are three isometric grid types to choose from—each offering a different drawing plane for the snap grid. Page To enter an angle on the edit bar based on two points 1 Select an entity in the drawing. Page 28 Chapter 2 Important Concepts Creating Groups A group is a collection of entities that AutoSketch treats as a single entity. Page Tools for drawing polylines can be accessed from the Draw menu or the Polyline toolset on the All-In-One toolbar.

Page To rotate a selection set about a point you enter 1 Select the entity or entities to rotate. Click one of the words in the Suggestion list, then click Change All to replace all instances of the misspelled word with this word.

Measuring Areas Markers and text have one associated angle. If the symbol appears in the current symbol library, it will be highlighted in the Content Librarian.