The ABIT Computer TH7-RAID is a Motherboard designed for use with PC systems, which support ATX form factor. Built around the Intel chipset, it efficiently. Apr 16, Chipset. Model, Intel Northbridge, Southbridge, ICH2. Bus type, QDR , MHz, 64 bit. Bus bandwith, MB/s. RAM type (1). Apr 3, I have been extremely impressed with the Abit TH7-II throughout testing, it has not failed once, and stability has been excellent. Despite.

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The increase here is only 2 fps, but it’s still an increase. As you can clearly see, with the cpu running at mhz it is tu7 lot faster than a PIV at mhz.

Another popular program is Seti, many overclockers are in teams, and they always want the fastest performance possible when running Seti.

One of these buttons acts as a power switch while other is a reset switch. When first installing the board I didn’t have one of the Rimm modules pushed in firmly enough, and the error code was displayed, allowing me to go almost straight to the problem. ABIT has always been known for providing the best overclocking results, which is exactly what most hardware enthusiasts like about ABIT.

Something else that will appeal to overclockers, is the addition of micro strips on the back of the motherboard, underneath the mosfets and capacitors which are used for the supply of current to the CPU.

Rdram is extremely fast, even when running at stock speeds, as you abti see.

By reading this site you agree to our cookie policy. Find other tu7 and computer products like this over at Amazon UK’s website. ABIT Computer Corporation are known for making some of the best, most overclockable, highest quality and fastest motherboards we have ever seen this side of Mars.


Even a quick glance reveals something a little unusual in the bottom left corner of the board.

ABIT TH7-RAID, Socket 423, Intel Motherboard

Subscribe to our Newsletter. This time, running at x, 32 bit colour with textures and quality on full. This is still an area where few boards are available, with only competition from MSI, Asus, Gigabyte and Intel with its reference board.

September by Mike Andrawes on September 12, You should be careful about changing the memory divider, is not all Rambus is capable of running at high fsb’s. Running at x in 32 bit colour, with detail set to high, the increased bandwidth translates into an extra 5 fps. Customize The Tech Report I had no problem fitting an Alpha to it.

Hardware museum

abir Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. Read on to find out. I aabit imagine any heat sink having problems fitting in the expansive area Abit has left open. They’ve included all the usual features, plus a few extras we’re not used to seeing; I’ll get to those a little later on.

There is also a list of Abit contact details in the back should you encounter any troubles. When running at MHz I can set the Rdram divider to either 3x giving mewhich is stock speed for PC memory, or change it to 4x which gives me PC Abit has a couple of extra goodies down there that I’ll explain in a minute.

Another interesting feature we found on the TH7 are the two buttons beside the diagnostic display. For example, ABIT have used a different and better, I feel, retention mechanism to lock the heatsink down on the Intel Pentium 4 processor in the Socket compared to ht7 Intel reference design – And that’s really just the beginning. Intel Motherboard Roundup: Neutronbeam Besides money, let us know Seth what WE can do to help out–there’s a lot of sma Firstly, Serious Sam, th77 the Karnack demo.

I ran a few more tests to see if the memory bandwidth was a limiting factor.


The manual features a comprehensive list of the error codes, and it does work. If the boot up is successful, the display will show FF.

Intel 850 Motherboard Roundup: September 2001

The reference design requires you to manually install two separate metal brackets on each side of the HSF to lock it in place. Click to find out more.

The manual is well laid out, and comprehensive, covering installation of the board, bios settings, and installation of the chipset and sound drivers. During our overclocking tests we were able to push the board to run at MHz without compromising stability, tied for the best result among the boards here, again with the ASUS P4T.

Abit has always been the overclocker’s choice, as they implement numerous features that other manufacturers do not, such as the very easy to use SoftMenu III system. This can be overcome with a modified bios that allows up to 1.

With an older Willamette, the vcore allowed is up to 2. I have also benchmarked the board with two different settings, to test the performance of the Rdram when running at PC speeds. This is why the additional ATX back plate is supplied with the board. Let’s take a closer look at some of the more important physical locations on the board. The four memory slots are positioned well away from the AGP port, so that when you have memory installed, the retaining clips do not foul on the back of the AGP card, another thoughtful piece of design.

Next up I ran Super Pi, and calculated Pi to 32 million decimal places.