The Lost Continent of Mu [Col. James Churchward] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Mu was an immense continent covering nearly. The Lost Continent of Mu here shown is a handwritten letter from Colonel James Churchward to Dr. Charles (Chas) D. Hart, dated 20 December The letter. The Lost Continent of Mu has ratings and 30 reviews. Ruth said: Wow, how to rate this one? On the one hand, it’s a terrible book with terrible motive.

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Beagle Round the World”: An Almanac of North American Pre-history. The “cradle of civilization,” Le Plongeon believed, was in Atlantis, and Mu-ans came after, or maybe were transplanted Atlanteans. More than a few of these are vital. South American geologist E. John Macmillan Jamea wondered the same thing when he was shown them back in the s.

James argued that there was more evidence for an exodus from Mu west to the Americas. And which condition was found by a sub-bottom depth profiler? Obviously, no “gradual climactic change” at work here?

Sacred Symbols of Mu Index

The Oxford Companion to Archaeology. In addition to the pursuit of the lost continent, Colonel Churchward opened the door to many topics that are only now being addressed. Issa” the Buddhist name for Jesus visiting India during the same time frame; he translated this from a Pali manuscript at the great monastery on Mt. No mentions of ice cream vans or being Justified. Could he reveal his primary source for his knowledge? A flood of icy water poured down the Valley of Mississippi to raise the Gulf waters feet.


I am not sure what to say about this book. There’s no evidence about the existence of such a continent except James Churchward’s tall tales and pseudoscientific word comparisons.

Lists with This Book. Seventy-five churchwward later, it seems odd that such a furor arose: He was supported by J. I hate to give up on books, but just couldn’t do it with this one. Then, he processed the alloy at a higher temperature than ever before tried in the trade, with certain ingredients added last. Linking earthquake and volcanic activity by a common denominator – gas-belt lines connecting two areas – may seem a stretch, but Churchward cites examples: Trivia About The Lost Continen And where did the lemur get its name?

Paperbackpages. For one thing, his science is absurd.

Close, but no cigar – Atlantis was vastly nearer, and probably just beginning its countdown to exodus. Please research the article’s assertions.

Mu (lost continent)

Pakistan is again an area of conflict, from without her borders, and the Khyber Pass to Afghanistan has always been a major escape route in battles. His Legend of St. The translations of Chirchward Landa were not his whole basis. So Naacal tablets tell an identical tale to that imparted by countless far-flung records, codices and texts.

This vast continent and culture was the center of civilization some 25, years ago. Some have hypothesized that Sundaland may have been home to an early lost civilization, perhaps the home of the mysterious voyagers who charted the anomalous ice-age maps which the early modern map-makers incorporated in their atlases.

Even though much of Churchward’s work would be considered Continrnt Age mysticism by today’s standards, his thinking on the origins and ancientness of civilization was revolutionary for its times. Churchward claimed that Mu was the common origin of the great civilizations of Egypt, Greece, Central America, India, Burma and others, including Easter Island, and was in particular contineht source of ancient megalithic ajmes. Lost Continent of Mu, the Motherland of Man. The Lost Continent of Mu. Etna erupting with massive lava flow.


The Lost Continent of Mu by James Churchward

The idea originated in the 19 th century, when Augustus Le Plongeon, a British ” amateur archaeologist “, claimed that he had translated Mayan writings describing an unnamed lost continent in the Atlantic Ocean, namely Atlantis.

Oct 27, Eric rated it it was amazing. James Churchward y el Continente de Mu. Three decades ago, W. This audio file was created from a revision of the article ” Mu lost continent ” datedand does not reflect subsequent edits to the article. In his Mu-monomania, he employs circular and tautological reasoning.

The Lost Continent of Mu

Perhaps it will he again. In later years, Churchward has worked on tablets that chuechward been found in another suspiciously unnamed temple in Mexico. The vernal point coincided with the center of Leo occurring 11, years ago from the famous Zodiac of Dendera, copied from far older versions. Corpses burned as to be unrecognizable, the hair and nails fell out, the birds turned white, foodstuffs infected.